At Symbiotic Restoration Group, building a healthy, resilient community is our mission.

We believe that real change starts with small actions at the local level. 

We look for opportunities to collaborate with other businesses and individuals to advance projects that improve parks & recreation, gardening, environmental health, and outdoor education.

Recycling Programs

Our organization is currently on a mission to eliminate unnecessary waste in our community. We are advocating that local business owners prohibit the use of styrofoam and difficult-to-recycle plastics in lieu of recyclable (#1 & #2) or compostable products. We are also actively working on developing and improving current recycling infrastructure in our area. If you are a business or individual in Burney and want to learn more about recycling opportunities, please reach out to us or Burney Disposal for more information.

Community Gardens Co-op

"We are home gardeners on a mission to better our community through food sharing, education, and stewardship. Gardening is a great hobby that saves money, connects us to our environment, reduces our impact from food transportation, and helps build a healthy, strong community."

Litter Picker Walking Group

Roadside trash and micro-litter is an issue prevalent in our community. We encourage the formation of litter picking walking groups to collect debris and clean up our streets! Grab a friend, a litter picker, and a trash bag or two and hit the streets! 

Volunteering with the PCTA

We are  adopting a section of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) between HYW 299 & HWY 89. We will host trail maintenance events periodically throughout the year. Below is a video by Hydro Flask talking about the Pacific Crest Trail Association's Trail Skills College. 


We have adopted the section of the 299 from 4-corners to just past Cassel Rd. We will host litter picking events four times a year. See our facebook page for more information

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