Fall River Resource Conservation District

Fall River Resource Conservation District
Forest Creek Restoration
US Forest Service
The Sierra Meadows Partnership
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We partner with the Fall River RCD on a variety of projects to increase funding sources, improve recreation resources, and improve management on public and federal lands.

Forest Creek Restoration, formerly known as Todd Sloat Biological Consulting, focuses on stream and meadow restoration in Northeastern California. We work with Forest Creek on a variety of forest and watershed projects

We work closely with Lassen National Forest on forest health and recreation projects. Symbiotic Restoration will continue to look for opportunities to help the forest achieve funding for projects and help coordinate volunteer efforts. 

Part of the communications sub-committee, we help the partnership by maintaining their website and promoting meadow restoration efforts.  

Partnering with Swift Water Design, we hope to increase the pace and scale of process based meadow restoration. Using Beaver Dam Analogues and other natural in-stream structures we seek to restore complexity, improve wildlife habitat, and help stabilize the system from further channel incision