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From 20 Individuals

Average Donation: $19

Our community funded meadow restoration project builds engagement and ownership of our local environment.

This round of funds will be contributed to the Rush & Smoke Creek willow planting project near Susanville, CA. For every $2,500 received, we will match that contribution with our time and resources to plant an acre of willow and protect the plantings from cattle. 

Why do we need to plant willow?

  • Willows are not in the abundance they once were and have been removed entirely from some systems for farming and ranching operations. 

  • Cattle love willow saplings! It's like candy for them, making it hard to establish willow in areas that have no riparian fencing or inconsistent maintenance of those fences. 

Why is it important? 

  • Willows are excellent bank stabilizers which help prevent further erosion of degraded systems.

  • They provide crucial habitat for threatened and endangered species. 

  • Once established, they will provide food and building materials for beavers.

Why do we need additional funding?

  • The amount of land that needs to be planted is endless! We have partnerships with Federal, State, and private landowners who are ready to get started but don't have the funding to achieve their goals. 

  • Plantings need several years of rest from consistent cattle foraging to become established and resilient to browsing. We will incorporate a new cluster design with natural stump or willow browsing fence to protect those plantings. 

  • Even after a good planting project, there will be some willow that fail to thrive. Most projects don't pay for maintenance or monitoring, making it hard for our team to replant. 

How to become involved: 

Although we are not a 501c3 non-profit, we are committed to transparency and hiring local laborers and natural resource specialists. 

  • Make a direct donation.

  • Purchase Symbiotic Restoration merchandise. 100% of the proceeds will go toward this project.

  • Purchase a piece of art from our artist partners below and a percentage of your purchase will be donated toward this project.

  • Another way to contribute is to volunteer with us. We have a lot of fun building these beautiful structures and planting willows. Join us for a few hours or for an entire project! 





Partnering with Artists that Support Ecological Restoration

We are partnering with artists to help support their art and ecological restoration.



Follow the below link to make a contribution or payment for merchandise.

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