Our experienced and passionate team is on a mission to improve our environment & community.  

Garrett J. Costello

Owner; Restoration Specialist

Kayla M. Trotter

Grant/Project Management; Website Design

B.S Environmental Management & Protection: Recreation Management 

Minors: Ecological Restoration; Wildland Soil Science; Environmental Education & Interpretation

Humboldt State University

B.A English Writing Practices; Communication

Humboldt State University


Field Tech.

Willow Chewer


Field Tech.

Cow Chaser

Seth Anderson

Env. Field Technician;

B.S Agricultural Science

B.S Sustainability

A.S Fire Science


Justin Goodrich

Env. Field Technician

Fire Safe Projects, Monitoring

Jill Overbaugh

Office Manager/Field Tech.

B.S Env. Mgt. & Protection: Recreation Mgt. 

A.A Accounting

Humboldt State University


Field Tech.

Gear Hauler


Field Tech.

Fun Police

Sky Snyder

Parks Manager

Field Technician

B.S Liberal Arts

CA Teaching Credential

Licensed Water Operator

Certified Track & Sign Interpreter