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Tree of Life w/Beaver Leather Stamped Hat 
$25-$40 Sliding Scale/Beaver Leather Stamped Hat 

Out of Stock. We will be placing another order soon, please check back or email us to be added to the waiting list. 

Original Logo Leather Stamped Hat
$25-$40 Sliding Scale

In stock and ready to ship:

Loden / Black (1)

Mushroom w/Beaver Leather Stamped Hat
$25-$40 Sliding Scale/Beaver Leather Stamped Hat

In stock and ready to ship:

Charcoal / Kelly (1)

Original Logo Front & Tree of Life Back Short Sleeve

$20-$35 Sliding Scale

In stock and ready to ship:

Athletic Kelly: S (1), M(3), L(2), XL(1)

Deep Navy: M(1), L(1)

Light Blue: S(1), M(3), L(2), XL(1)

Marine Green: M(1), L(1), XL(1)

Athletic Heather: S(1), M(4), L(1)

Bright Aqua: S(2), M(2), L(1)

Sapphire: M(1), L(1)

Bright Gold: S(1), M(2), L(1)

Team Teal: S(1), M(2), L(2), XL(1)

Athletic Maroon: S(1), M(2), L(2)

Jet Black: S(2), M(2), L(2), XL(1)

Forest Green: S(1), M(1), L(2)

Original Logo Front & Tree of Life Back Long Sleeve

$30-$45 Sliding Scale

In stock and ready to ship:

Stonewash Green: M(3), L(1)

Stonewash Blue: M(1), L(2), XL(1)

Aquatic Blue: S(1), M(2), L(1)

Athletic Heather: S(2), M(1), XL(1)

Light Blue: S(1), L(4)

Jet Black: S(2), M(4)

Ash: S(2), M(2)

Deep Navy: M(1)

Dark Green: S(1), L(1)

Athletic Maroon: M(1)

Tree of Life w/Beaver stickers  &
$3-$10 Click on image to see expanded view./Beaver stickers  &

Original Logo stickers

Mushroom w/ Beaver sticker
$4-$8 Sliding Scale/ Beaver sticker

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